The Mangaluru-Mumbai flight was delayed due to a mobile phone conversation between two people. – Zinctank

A Mangaluru-Mumbai flight was delayed for six hours after a passenger raised the alarm over a suspicious text message received on another traveler’s cell phone. All passengers were asked to disembark the plane and their luggage was thoroughly checked for sabotage before the IndiGo flight was cleared to leave for Mumbai on Sunday evening, police said.

A passenger noticed a message on a cell phone from a man on board the plane and reported it to the flight attendants. The crew warned the air traffic controller, and the plane, ready for takeoff, returned to the bay.

The man was chatting with his girlfriend, who was scheduled to fly to Bangalore from the same airport. The man was then not allowed to board the flight due to an interrogation that lasted several hours, and his girlfriend missed her flight to the state capital of Karnataka. The 185 passengers were then re-boarded to the flight to Mumbai after a thorough baggage screening and the plane took off at 17:00.

Complaints were not received until late at night as it was a friendly conversation between two friends about security, said City Police Commissioner N. Shashi Kumar.

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