The Mariana Trench filmed live for the first time

On the occasion of one of the immersions of its last exploration submarine in the Mariana Trench, China filmed the dive and broadcast the video live. The opportunity to discover the pit live for the first time.

So far, few people have had the chance to visit the Mariana Trench. With its 11,000 meters deep, it is the oceanic trench deepest in the world and its access could not be more difficult. Proof of this is that it was discovered in 1875 and was not explored for the first time until 1960, and again, not in its entirety. Another date to be marked with a milestone in the history of the pit: November 13, 2020, the day it was for the very first time filmed for a live broadcast on television.

This feat is due to China, which deployed in the Pacific Northwest a scientific flotilla made up of two boats and two submersibles including a bathyscaphe named Fendouzhe (“Lutteur” or “Combattant” in French). The other submersible is an AUV-type underwater robot specially prepared for filming in 4K and named Canghai (“Vast Mer”). It has even been equipped with a detachable spotlight able to provide the light necessary for shooting, even in the depths of the fault. To finally retransmit the video stream, the remote-controlled robot was connected to its mother ship by a reinforced optical cable. Once the stream was captured on board, it was broadcast via a satellite link on CCTV, China’s leading television network.

On November 13 therefore, Canghai dived after the Fendouzhe, filming its entire descent as well as its landing, four hours later, at the bottom of the pit by 10,000 meters deep. Once the sediment plumes had fallen, one of the scientists on board the bathyscaphe could then be seen cleaning a porthole and pressing his face against it as if to be seen by the camera. The robot then filmed the desolate landscape unfolding endlessly around it, making CCTV viewers enjoy a show hitherto reserved for few elected.

Here are some pictures of this descent into the abyss:

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