The Mask : 2 new films in preparation, Jim Carrey’s soon return ?

According to our colleagues (generally knowledgeable) of We Got This Covered, Warner Bros. consider to produce two sequels to the cult film The Maskreleased in 1994, in order to make it a trilogy. Beautiful ?

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After the announcement of a sequel to Madame is served, and the return of Michael Knight in a reboot in the movie K 2000, so it is the turn of The Mask back on our screens. The cult film of the 1990s — based on a series of comics from Dark Horse Comics — would be back in a sequel into two films. The goal is to term to form a trilogy with the first, released in 1994 and directed by Chuck Russell.

The Warner Bros. Picturesone of the largest companies of production and distribution in the world, would seem to be the orders of these two suites. The subsidiary of WarnerMedia is a veteran of the genre, since it occupied many film adaptations of comics, such as Batman or Superman. It is she that produces, adapts and distributes all of the DC’s comic books in film, television and even radio. No offense to the main question, Stanley Ipkiss — or rather Jim Carrey — that seems to be starting on this project. These suites would sign up-they also the return of Cameron Diaz at the cinema ?

Two new films The Mask ?

A few months ago, the star of The Truman Show had already expressed during an interview at the microphone of and about a possible sequel of The Mask :” [Rejouer dans] The Mask, you know, it depends on the filmmaker. It will really, sincerely, from the filmmaker. I don’t want to do it just to do it, I wouldn’t do that if it was directed by a visionary filmmaker and crazy. It is clear. “If we are to believe our colleagues from We Got This Covereda filmmaker convincing enough for the actor, therefore, would have a priori been selected by Warner Bros. Pictures, even if we do not have more information on this topic.

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Last year, two ideas for movies had made their appearance on the Internet : a reboot the film, which axerait the story about the daughter of Stanley Ipkiss, a simple sequel with the return of Jim Carrey. It is this second option that seems to draw today, even if nothing is for the moment officially confirmed.

Remember as a result of the film The Mask was already released in 2005, The Son of the Mask, directed by Lawrence Guterman. Bringing together a little more than 50, 000 opinion, the film is currently noted to 2.20 on the 10 on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). This suite has also won the Golden Schmoes Awards 2005 the worst film of the year, the Stinkers Award for worst sequel or yet, the Stinkers Award for the film family the most coarse.

Source : We Got This Covered

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