The Medium: an honest game

Notice initially published on by Romain:

Exclusive title to PCs and Xbox Series consoles, The Medium introduces us to the story of Marianne who has the ability to see two worlds at the same time: the material world and the spiritual world.

Inspired by games like Silent Hill (Akira Yamaoka also participated in the soundtrack), The Medium is not a survival-horror either, but rather an exploration game with a lot of puzzles that sometimes you have to solve it by playing with the two worlds Marianne can see.

The game is not particularly scary since there is almost no combat, so no stress of finding yourself with nothing to defend yourself. Even if we still have an enemy chasing us during the game, the saves are automatic, which still takes a little stress for the sequences where we meet him.

For a game exclusive to Xbox Series consoles, we could have expected something nicer in terms of graphics, but in any case, the work on the scenario and on the atmosphere is a real success and makes the game really addicting. Certainly not the game of the year, but a title to discover without hesitation!

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