The Medium: Xbox Series & PC exclusive soon on PS5?

Game news The Medium: Xbox Series & PC exclusive soon on PS5?

Released as an Xbox exclusive on PC and Xbox Series, The Medium seems to confirm its status as a temporary exclusion and prepare for its arrival on another console. The psychological horror game developed by the Bloober Team may well reach a new audience.

Without succeeding in registering among the best games of the genre, The Medium has however managed to install a very special atmosphere, carried by this dual screen. Marianne a medium can indeed see “on the other side” and this is reflected on the screen by a cut in two of the image. One presents the real world, the other the spirit world. The studio and Microsoft had not been very clear on the title’s status, but the ESRB, the American games classification body, has just given a first clue. Recently, The Medium is listed on PS5 by the organization, which would confirm all the hallway noises. However, no date is put forward, and the release of the title on PS5, if it takes place, could coincide with that of the physical versions promised by the studio.

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