The most iconic sound effects in video games and beyond: test your knowledge

On Saturday June 26th, we took part in the Play 4 Children charity event organized by the BH3 Esport team. An opportunity for us to offer you some donation targets that you have greatly surpassed with your donations and your generosity. Among them, we had to write a poem in honor of the jokes of the squad members, Jess had to play phasmophobia or even organize an Xboxsquad Trivia, a quiz for the community.

This is what we’ll be doing this Thursday at 21:00 on our Twitch channel! The theme of the evening will be a big blind test of the sound effects of video games, movies, TV series and other topics! So we are waiting for many of you on our Twitch channel, and the winner will walk away with a prize that we still keep secret!

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