The most popular messaging app among French users in 2020 is…

It’s not really a surprise, Facebook dominates the messaging application market very much. Nearly 80% of French people surveyed say they use Facebook Messenger. The social network has established an overwhelming dominance that does not seem to be waning.

Popular WhatsApp … last August

Another application belonging to the group of Mark Zuckerberg comes in second position, it is obviously WhatsApp which collects 61% of the votes. Snapchat, still very popular among young people, arrives on the third step of the podium with 36% of responses.

Source: Statista

This study was carried out between July and August 2020, the recent disenchantment of users following the change in WhatsApp’s terms of use was therefore not taken into account.

The Signal application, which has seen its number of users explode in recent weeks, is satisfied, for example, with only 2% of responses. It will be interesting to compare these results with those of this year to see if the recent controversy has had a real impact.

Airnow Data data shared by Statista reveals that the daily number of downloads of Signal and Telegram apps in January 2021 is significantly higher than that of WhatsApp. It remains to be seen whether the trend will be maintained over time.

Source: Statista

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