The Netherlands: Urk, the city that refuses the Covid-19 vaccine

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M. Burgo, S. Guillemot, F. Carriere, F. Fontaine – France 3

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In the Netherlands, residents of the city of Urk have decided to abandon all wellness activities. They say they are ultra-religious Protestants leading a godly rebellion against all restrictions in the name of God.

Urk (Netherlands) is a city of fishing and prayer. The population is Protestant and mostly ultra-religious. They also fear foreigners and violate the laws of Amsterdam. For example, in a city butcher shop, no one wears a mask despite the commitment. Here, the Covid-19 pandemic is as big as it is in the rest of the country, but many are categorically refusing to be vaccinated. “I only trust God to heal if I get Covid”– a resident of Urk admits.

A very practicing family that the France 3 teams have greeted is also refusing this vaccine. The Ras couple, who have five children, oppose contraception and abortion. In addition, they are convinced that there are cells from an aborted fetus in Covid vaccines. This is not true, but the spouses believe this rumor, but scientists refute it. “We think that God does not want this, God needs life. We are his creatures, and we do not need to take anyone’s life to create a vaccine. “, considers Albert Ras, the father of the family. Urk is part of the Bible Belt, the ultra-conservative region of the Netherlands; a religious and rebellious citadel. It was in this city that riots began against the curfew at the end of January.

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