The new Largo Winch flies into space

Largo Winch’s new album comes out on Friday, November 5 and is titled The Borders of the Night, after Morning Star in 2017 and Scarlet Sails in 2019, Largo Winch’s latest work, signed by our friends Eric Giacometti for the texts and by Philippe Francq for the images, will send the humanist billionaire into space.

Last July, Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon, made his first suborbital flight, defeated by Richard Branson, not to mention Elon Musk who dreams of sending his Tesla into space. Therefore, it is normal for Largo, a true financial superhero, to take his turn in space, but what would have been more fun, more American, is that the three billionaires, Jeff, Elon and Richard, all subscribed to the adventures of Largo Winch, In real life, he wanted to do the same after reading “The Frontiers of the Night” the new Largo Winch that will be released on November 5 …

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