The new MacBook Pro with the M2 Pro chip: why it looks good

Apple has released updates to its 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Pro/Max, which are now available with the new M2 Pro and M2 Max processors.

This news was expected at the end of 2022, and many of the expected features have arrived, including Wi-Fi 6E and support for up to 96GB of single storage on the M2 Max model, compared to the 64GB limit on the M1 Max.

The new MacBook Pros have also been claimed to have the best battery life, and the 16-inch model does offer up to 22 hours of Apple TV movie playback with a 100Wh battery – a record for a Mac, according to Apple. The 14-inch model offers 18 hours of battery life with a smaller 70Wh battery, but it’s still better than most Intel-based competitors.

Careful performance

In addition to the power efficiency that Apple silicon is known for, potential buyers will be primarily looking for a performance boost in the new MacBook Pro/Max M2. So far, the only MacBook Pro based on the M2 has been a 13-inch model based on the M2 chip with an 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU. The M2 Pro offers 10 or 12 CPU cores, 200GB/s memory bandwidth (double that of the M2) and up to 19 GPU cores, while the M2 Max has a 12-core CPU, 400GB/s memory bandwidth and higher. up to 38 GPU cores, as well as up to 96 GB of RAM.

This should result in a significant speed boost for the new MacBook Pros: Apple reports 20% faster title and animation rendering, 2.5x faster compilation, and 40x frame processing, % faster than the previous generation M2 for the model. M2 Pro, as well as 30%. % faster rendering of effects and 30% faster calibration for the M2 Max model.

All this has yet to be confirmed by tests, in particular on the performance of the GPU.

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