The new order of SVOD in the United States

The number of subscriptions to SVOD offers will increase from 203 million at the end of 2019 to 317 million in 2025, making the North American market (United States and Canada) the most mature market in the world. With 15 platforms in the United States and 8 in Canada, SVOD has established itself as the favorite domestic hobby of Americans: a confirmation more than a revelation.

Netflix will remain the continent’s most powerful platform with 71 million subscribers. But it is not Netflix that will pull the market with its growth: Netflix ranks penultimate platform in gain of subscribers with 9.9 million new recruits and Amazon Prime Video brings up the rear with a gain of 6.5 million of subscribers.

The big winner for the next 5 years is Disney, which places 2 of its services in the first two places: Disney + (+27,000) subscribers followed by Hulu (+22,300). Disney + and Hulu will capture 43% of market growth over the next 5 years. Better, the Disney group will dominate the North American market with nearly 100 million subscriptions in 2025. Digital TV Research points out that six platforms will contribute to 94 (82%) of the 114 million new subscribers during the period. Simon Murray, Digital Tv Research analyst specifies: “The number of platforms present in the United States will remain unmatched (15 according to its forecasts) and 8 platforms will have more than 10 million subscribers in 2025.”

As always, forecasts are forecasts. But they are a good indicator of the new balance of power that is taking hold in the market, after a decade of undivided reign of Netflix.

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