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It’s finally time for PC gamers to hit the internet with Marvel’s Spider-Man video game. This game was originally released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in 2018 and received critical acclaim for its story, visuals, and most importantly, how enjoyable it is to wander around New York. The game received a remastered edition for the PlayStation 5, as well as an interim game where players control Miles Morales.

Four years after its release on PlayStation, Marvel’s Spider-Man becomes the next major PlayStation game to receive a PC port. It teams up with popular PlayStation titles like God of War, another PlayStation exclusive added to PC, and Final Fantasy VII Remake, which will eventually hit PC. Naturally, there are many differences between the PC version and the console version. Here’s what you need to know about the latest Spider-Man game.

PlayStationHere are the main differences between Spider-Man on PC.

Marvel’s Spider-Man takes place roughly eight years after Peter Parker (Yuri Lowenthal) began fighting crime as everyone’s favorite web head. After he finally manages to put crime boss Wilson Fisk (Travis Willingham) behind bars, a power vacuum emerges in the New York underworld. This paves the way for villains like Mister Negative (Stephen Oyoung) to place their own bets on Fisk’s throne.

Peter also has to deal with the deteriorating emotional state of his mentor Otto Octavius ​​(William Salyers).

With its release for PC, a whole new audience of gamers will be able to experience this gripping and heartbreaking take on one of Marvel’s most famous heroes. And, of course, the PC version offers plenty of features.

This new port comes from Nixxes Software, who previously worked on PC ports like Horizon Zero Dawn. On the official PlayStation Blog, developer Insomniac Games revealed that he worked closely with Nixxes to make the PC version better.

Many of the differences between the PC version and its predecessor are purely graphical. The game now features ray-traced reflections and high-quality images on reflective surfaces such as windows and puddles. The PC version takes advantage of NVIDIA DLSS and DLAA to improve overall picture quality. The game’s aspect ratio can also be greatly increased to support ultra-wide screens and multiple monitor layouts.

The game has unlocked the frame rate for smoother movements and animations.

Gamers can still use their PlayStation DualSense controllers to play on PC, but now you can use your mouse and keyboard and customize the control options to suit your needs and preferences.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is already a mind blowing game, but with the features it brings to PC, this critically acclaimed game looks better than ever.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now available on Steam and the Epic Games Store.


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