The new PS5 model has undergone a teardown – here’s what’s changed

A new PS5 model was spotted in Australia last month. At first glance, it was the same device, only with a new model number (CFI-1200), but it quickly became clear that the new PS5 version was actually about a pound lighter compared to the launch model.

This has led to a lot of online speculation about what has changed under the console’s white plastic shell.

Well, no more speculation, thanks to YouTuber Austin Evans. (will open in a new tab) we now know exactly what Sony tweaked in the PS5 1200 model. Evans took the console apart and found that the motherboard had been downsized, the cooling system had been changed to include larger vents, and the SSD case had also been redesigned. Evans even remarked, “They completely redesigned the entire design of the PS5.”

Another change is that the console’s CMOS battery is now located under the heatsink. It used to be open, which made it much easier to replace, but now it would require a complete disassembly of the PS5 to replace it. Of course, this change isn’t really something the average user will ever notice, and it probably has more to do with ease of production than anything else.

Evans also ran some tests to see if the new PS5 model ran cooler and/or quieter, but found the difference to be negligible at best. However, extensive testing has shown that the new PS5 consumes around 201W of power, compared to the base PS5 drawing approximately 218W; handy if you want to reduce your home’s energy consumption.

This is actually the second time the PS5 console has been changed. Sony previously revised the console last year with model number CFI-1102A. The most noticeable change in this version of the machine is the screw that secures the PS5 to the base stand. It also reduced the weight of the console by approximately 300 g (0.66 lb) by downsizing the motherboard and heatsink, and the 1200 further reduced these components.

on twitter (will open in a new tab)Evans summarized the results by concluding, “Sony has downsized almost everything, including the motherboard and internal packaging, to make it lighter and almost certainly cheaper (for them).”

Of course, Sony recently raised the price of the console in some regions, including the UK and Canada. This price hike seems especially nasty if, presumably, the console’s production cost has been reduced by this new model.

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At least for now, this new model is only available in Australia, but like the previous 1102A model, the PS5 1200 is likely to roll out globally in the coming weeks.

So the big question is, should you upgrade if you already have a PS5? We advise against it. While power upgrades to the console and cool systems seem helpful, they’re minor changes and it’s almost certainly not worth shelling out for the cost of a new system.

Unfortunately, these changes are unlikely to affect the availability of the console. PS5 stocks have improved in recent months, but actually buying Sony’s next-gen hardware remains a daunting task. This new model is unlikely to have a significant impact on inventory levels as it does not replace major console components. In theory, production will continue to be held back by the same shortages that have plagued production since its launch in November 2020.

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