The new Steam mobile app just got even better

I’ve used the Steam app for iOS a lot since I got the Steam Deck, but every time I opened the app, I had to come across an interface that looked like Aged – the overall design hadn’t been updated in a long time. Valve seems to have felt it too, as they are now testing a new version of the app that looks radically different and, if you ask me, much better.

In a blog post, Valve mentioned the new design as one of the app’s major new features, and the improvements, at least in my brief testing on iOS, were immediately apparent. For example, the app now has a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen where you can access things like the Store section, News Feed, and Steam Guard.

Show library in new application. Photographed by Jay Peters/The Edge

Check out these latest listings! Shot by Jay Peters / The Edge

But the app doesn’t just have a repeating coat of paint; It is built on New Framework and has some extra features. My favorite? You can now scan the QR code in the Steam Guard section to log into your Steam account, as you may know from the Discord mobile app. Valve also says the new Steam app has “smarter notifications, an improved library, and multi-account support,” and you’ll still be able to do things like browse the store and approve any offers.

A screen where you can scan a QR code in the new Steam mobile app. There are buttons to enter using a QR code or other code.

This is the screen where you can scan the QR code. Photographed by Jay Peters / The Edge.

News feed in the new Steam mobile app. First entry in Final Fantasy XIV.

Here’s what my ribbon looks like. Photo: Jay Peters/The Edge

Valve is currently beta testing the app on iOS and Android, so it’s not yet widely available. If you’d like to try the trial, follow the instructions on Valve, though if you’re using iOS, please note that due to Apple’s TestFlight limitations, there are multiple slots available.

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