The new tripartite government wants to open the country to cannabis for entertainment – France News Live

Cannabis legalization in the context of supervised sales is a hobby of the program established by the SPD-Verts-FDP Union. As a result, Germany will be the third EU member state after the Netherlands and Luxembourg to allow recreational use of cannabis.

It will be a historic decision on a European scale, Germany has just signed a government agreement between social democrats, greens and liberals, we will soon be able to end the entire legislature that stops the use of cannabis in its territory. This legalization is undoubtedly one of the key points of the program defended by the coalition of the so-called “traffic lights”.

A future executive team headed by the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz has already taken stock of this measure. Angela Merkel’s successor wants to start “the controlled distribution of cannabis to adults for consumption in authorized stores”. This mention appears in the contract signed between the SPD (Social Democratic Party), the Greens and the FDP (Liberal).

However, the exact nature of the release has yet to be determined. The Federation of Pharmacists has already presented the idea of ​​offering cannabis for sale in pharmacies as well as tobacconists and cafes.

Medical cannabis approved in 2017

Therefore, this decision will make Germany the second member state of the European Union after the Netherlands and will allow the supervised sale of cannabis. Until recently, Luxembourg authorized the cultivation of cannabis in the home and the use of cannabis in the private sphere.

As specified by AFP, the country already had much less restrictive legislation in this area compared to its European neighbors. For example, the possession of several grams for personal consumption is allowed in some cities such as Berlin. Furthermore, the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes was approved in Germany in 2017.

Health emergency

The new decision of the Composite Government is specifically based on health considerations. A common ground between the Greens and the Liberals, who have long been in favor of this issue of legalizing hemp, convinced the SPD to be more reluctant to this issue.

Indeed, the coalition claims that if state controls allow it to control the quality of the products consumed, this latter nature increasingly warns the health authorities.

In 2019, the scientific team at the University of Ulm concluded that in the same year as 2011, almost eight times more cases of cannabis-related psychosis were observed. Description: During the same period, the proportion of cannabis consumed in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content increased significantly.

Since 2018 and 2019, health officials have also warned against the distribution of new synthetic cannabinoids with very high levels of THC. Additionally, the cannabis that is sold directly on the sidewalk is usually hairspray, sand, and other toxic substances like Brix, a synthetic adhesive intended to artificially inflate the weight of the grass.

Economic debate

On the other hand, the Tricolor Coalition trusts in the favorable economic benefits that can be derived from it to defend this measure. An economist from the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf recently published a quote from the German Hemp Association. The result speaks for itself: German colleagues said that their German colleagues could save up to 4.7 billion euros a year, as the tax authorities put additional taxes in their pockets and stopped paying euros in the framework of legal proceedings against consumers and resellers. Daiwelt (in German).

Furthermore, the same study estimates that the cannabis tax modeled solely on tobacco and alcohol will be 1.8 billion euros. The results of the study also estimate that the number of jobs created through this legalization of cannabis is 27,000.

However, the legalization of hemp is not unified across the board. The contempt is also political, especially among police unions and drug addicts who fear an increase in cannabis use among the very young.

Should the nation really be making money by putting its citizens at risk for drug addiction, lifelong mental illness, physical and mental anguish? I think it is immoral to accuse AFP of CDU spokesman Stephen Pilsinger in the war on drugs.

In France, only CBD, the non-psychotropic molecule in cannabis, was officially authorized for sale at least last July. The question of the legalization of cannabis is at the center of the debate during the election of the president-elect of 2022 and is the cornerstone of the controversy between the candidates who vote and those who vote against.

The new tripartite government wants to open the country to entertainment cannabis

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