The new Windows 11 beta introduces new sharing features

Microsoft has added two new Insiders Preview builds, 22621.436 and 22622.436, to the Windows 11 beta channel. Both updates contain new features and fixes. However, the difference is that Build 22622.436 has all new features deployed, while Build 22621.436 has new features disabled by default. Here’s what’s new.

In the new Windows 11 builds 22622.436 and 22621.436, Share with Environment has been improved. Now people will be able to share local files using UDP. This basically means that users will be able to share files over a private network when using a Bluetooth connection. The file sharing process will now cover more devices, including desktop PCs.

Another sharing update is the ability to share a local file with OneDrive. People will now be able to select OneDrive as their direct download and share target. This can be done by sharing files in File Explorer “without context switching or opening the OneDrive app.”

In addition, the new Windows 11 beta update includes some changes. The Windows Terminal is now the default in Windows 11, allowing command line applications to automatically open in the Windows Terminal. Additionally, users can now report that animated GIFs are considered inappropriate.

Other fixes

We’ve made fixes for some issues, including a crash at launch, troubleshooter not being able to open, up arrow in File Explorer misaligned, and more. You can view the changelog here.

The new beta version of Windows 11 Build 22622.436 is now available to users of the beta testing channel, and the included changes may soon be published to the general public. However, there is no information on when this will happen.

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