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While Microsoft confirmed immediately after its acquisition of Activision Blizzard that the Call of Duty franchise would still have a presence on the PlayStation, the president of the American group continues to drum that message into the public. Phil Spencer once again supported Microsoft’s desire to keep the franchise on the Sony console. Better, at the Same Brain microphone (source in English), the president of Microsoft Gaming assured that he wants to offer Call of Duty on the consoles of his competitor in the distant future.

Call of Duty won’t be exclusive to Xbox

The CEO of Microsoft Gaming did state that Microsoft’s goal was not to divide the franchise’s player base. So the idea is to be able to offer future Call of Duty games on PlayStation 5 as well as future media from the Sony group.

The message is clear, but Phil Spence likes to reaffirm that intent, as many fans and government administrations fear that Microsoft’s takeover of the ATVI group could give the American giant too much power. Concerns lie in the possibility of withdrawing from the PlayStation catalog many games from studios owned by Microsoft.

As such, Call of Duty is at the center of this debate (see our analysis of the impact of Microsoft’s proposal on Activision Blizzard) as it is one of the top-selling games in the world every year. His departure from PlayStation could affect sales of the Sony console and future models.

Call of Duty coming soon to Game Pass?

If future CODs do well on Sony’s consoles, Microsoft could still benefit from owning Activision: the ability to offer future Call of Duty games as part of Game Pass once the game is released.

This feature was not mentioned directly by Phil Spence, but is currently one of the licensing hotspots. Such an opportunity could encourage quite a few COD players to switch to the Xbox Series and its Game Pass to save on the game’s purchase price.

Please note that Microsoft wants to slow down the release rate of Call of Duty games so that opuses come out every two years instead of every year.

Phil Spence once again confirmed the idea that Microsoft wants to publish the future Call of Duty on the PlayStation even after the acquisition of Activision. You can find all of our guides as well as all the news, leaks and fixes for MW2 on our Call of Duty portal.

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