The next Gran Turismo will return to the sources of the series, ensures its director

It is undoubtedly one of the most awaited exclusives of the owners of PlayStation 5: the arrival of a new game of the car simulation franchise Gran Turismo, one of the most cult series of Sony consoles since 1997.

Gran Turismo 7 has already cracked an official trailer with first gameplay images in June 2020, but the president of the Polyphony Digital studio in charge of the project still has things to say about this title expected for the year 2021 in comments reported by the Gematsu site.

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Almost 4 years have passed since the release of the last episode Gran Turismo Sport in October 2017, and his legacy is still a subject of debate within fan communities. The only opus released on PlayStation 4, Sport took a radically different direction from previous titles in the series; exit the gargantuan selection of vehicles available (387 cars can be driven against almost 1,200 on Gran Turismo 6), the PlayStation 4 game puts the emphasis on eSports and online play by offering a racing mode against pilots from around the world at its launch, before offering a local campaign mode during an update later.

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Yamauchi describes this approach as “avant-garde”But nevertheless admits his divided reception with the fans. “We acquired 9.5 million users as a result, but it didn’t sell out massively from the start – instead, appreciation of the game gradually grew and support grew over three years.“. Whether it is in direct response to this mixed reception or a simple desire for change, Yamauchi however intends to return to a more traditional approach for the seventh title of the franchise – we will have to wait a little longer before finding out what it is. returns, but the offer should however appeal to those who swear by the generosity of the old-fashioned episodes if we are to believe his words.

“With Gran Turismo Sport, I think we were able to achieve a pretty ambitious design. This is why with Gran Turismo 7, we will bring elements of Gran Turismo Sport like the Championships, while marking the return of a traditional large-scale experience like Gran Turismo 1 and 4 in order to offer the best Gran Turismo possible.”


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