The next PlayStation 5 will feature a “removable drive”.

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(Pocket-lint) – Sony has a track record of upgrading its consoles throughout their lifetime, and the PlayStation 5 should be no exception.

In fact, the rumor suggests that the new model could arrive as early as next summer, with a “review” scheduled for “mid-fiscal 2023.”

It is reported that sources said that the new model will be equipped with a new chassis, and the drive can be replaced with an external alternative, connected via an additional USB-C port on the rear of the machine.

There won’t be a performance boost though: sources also tell Insider Gaming that the new PS5 will have the same internal hardware.


Basically, it looks like the new model will be a replacement for the PS5 Digital Edition, but comes with an extra disc. However, it could be thinner and lighter, the site suggests.

The decision could also have been made by PlayStation to produce more units faster to fix the inventory issues that have plagued the PS5 since launch.

Insider Gaming claims that Sony plans to produce 18.5 million units of the new machine next year. This figure will be added to the 12 million AC-body consoles that Sony has pledged to produce in the coming months.

Written by Rick Henderson.

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