The Nintendo franchises we miss the most

There is something magical about looking at the pantheon of characters included in Super Smash Ultimate. It is a real tribute to the Nintendo franchises that accompanied our childhood. Then, we take the time to look at the selection and everything becomes a little sad, since most of these characters are only memories, which sleep in the vault of forgotten franchises.

The worst part of all of this is that Nintendo has always been a very cyclical company, which deserves to surprise us with perhaps more original or unexpected titles. March 3 will mark the fourth anniversary of the portable console. Considering that consoles have a lifespan of around 7 years, we would therefore be in the second half of the “Switch era”, which has so far received as many ports and remasters as first party titles. originals.

But let’s not lose hope! We have no idea what Nintendo has in store for us for the next few years (or even 2021), so let’s take a few minutes to highlight the franchises we’d like to see dusted off for a big comeback.


F-Zero is obviously the first title that comes to mind when we talk about abandoned Nintendo franchise whose fans are asking for a sequel (apart from maybe Mother / Earthbound) It’s sad and absurd that Captain Falcon has had more appearances in Super Smash than in his own series.

Nintendo always wants to innovate. It’s a good thing all in all, but when franchises like F-Zero hit the peak of their game, they refuse to develop a sequel if they can’t fit a new gimmick. Miyamoto himself says in an interview that the only way to bring F-Zero back is by releasing a special peripheral for the Switch. (at 5:30).

It’s a really strange answer, considering that the series has always asked for very precise controls, given its difficulty. In this regard, it is hard to imagine today’s Nintendo releasing a game as difficult as the Gamecube version, since it is increasingly trying to charm the largest possible audience. The return looks even more unlikely with the inclusion of the Blue Falcon and F-Zero circuits in Mario Kart 8.

We don’t just miss the franchise, but the unique gameplay that differs from other futuristic arcade racing games (which are also quite rare these days).

Indies does what Nintendon’t: Super Pilot on Steam is the best alternative at the moment. It’s practically a clone of F-Zero X (the Nintendo 64 version). It contains a level editor, and the ability to race against 48 AI. It’s hard to say if its development has progressed since its 2018 release on Early Access, but for $ 15, it offers enough content to have fun.

Wario Land, or Wario Ware

Wario in Mario Party, Wario in Super Smash, Wario in Mario Tennis, Wario in Mario Kart… Okay, but where’s the new platformer featuring the anti-hero?

The last was Wario Land Shake It on Wii, just before its developer, Good Feel, focused on the woolen Kirby and Yoshi that we saw on Wii, Wii U, 3DS and Switch. The bad / good news is that they’re set to unveil a new one for 2021, which would be a 2D-3D action game with a samurai theme (so no Wario in sight for this studio). Here are the first storyboards.

Indies does what Nintendon’t: the gameplay of Wario Land will be repeated in the independent game Pizza Tower, the demo of which is available for download on

This year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Wario Land 4, so time flies! Of course, we’ve seen Wario in a plethora of Wario Ware games in the meantime, but they too are missing. Wario Ware Gold on 3DS is very new (2018), but it was only a (excellent) compilation of microgames from other games. On the home console, Game & Wario on Wii U (2013) was rather empty of content and distorted: it was actually a tech demo compilation to extol the merits of the Wii U GamePad. Despite my complaint about the number ports on Switch, I think an HD version of Wario Ware Gold would be more than welcome.

Rhythm Heaven

Moreover, one of the reasons which explains the absence of new Wario Ware is that it is developed by the same team responsible for Rhythm Heaven (Nintendo SPD Group 1, which alternate between the two franchises). That’s the same storyline that happened for the rhythm game: a compilation on 3DS that seemed like a farewell to the series in 2015, and then no news after that.

Maybe they too are about to surprise us with an unexpected release in 2021, whether it’s a brand new concept or a new take on Rhythm Heaven. Let’s not forget that its director, Masami Yone, specializes in rhythm playing (Daigasso! Band Brothers, Jam with the Band, and… Brain Training?)

Indies does what Nintendon’t: We already mentioned it in our list of indie games coming in 2021, but Rhythm Doctor might be exactly right for you if you’re looking for a game of the same type.

Mario sport

Four years after the Switch launched, we’ve only been treated to one traditional Mario sports game: the content-thin Mario Tennis Aces. Its developer, Camelot, may be about to announce the project they’ve been working on for 3 years (Golden Sun? No chance). We want a Mario Golf. The last one, World Tour on 3DS (2014) was totally awesome. Its only flaw is being trapped in an outdated portable console. We are convinced that a new Mario Golf on Switch would be a success.

It was perhaps the passing unnoticed of Mario Sports Mix on Wii and Mario Sports Superstar on 3DS that held back their enthusiasm. Otherwise, the “Mario & Sonics at the Olympics” are always constant and always a little mediocre, including the Tokyo 2020 version of those famous Olympics that never took place.

Nintendo has just acquired Next Level Games, responsible for the latest Luigi’s Mansion, but also Super Mario Strikers. Could this be their next project? Did you know that Next-Level game has abandoned a project called Super Mario Spikers which was a mix between volleyball and wrestling?

Super mario world

We miss a good 2D Mario. Yeah yeah, I know, we got New Super Mario Bros. on 5 different platforms over the past 15 years, but they are so similar to each other that it is difficult to justify the “New” in their title. Their look is rather generic, far from a Rayman Legends or an Ori.

Even Yoshi’s Island (Super Mario World 2) has kept its 26-year-old SNES look, for its sequels on DS and 3DS. Imagine a new Yoshi’s Island in stunning 2D, as imagined by artist Tohad on DeviantArt.

Now is the time to shake things up a bit and add new modes, concepts, gameplay elements. Theoretically, Super Mario Maker should be there to give us endless 2D content, but we must admit that online levels have nothing to do with classic games.

Mario kart

Even Mario Kart 8, 11th on the list of best-selling games of all time, can be a source of disappointment. If you’ve played Mario Kart 8 from its Wii U version, you too might be worried that the Switch won’t be entitled to its own version of Mario Kart. It could leave a hole of ten years without new content (initial release in 2014). We loved that last game, but we’ve seen it all. (Let’s ignore for the sake of the cause the mobile version packed with microtransaction and the sympathetic remote-controlled car: we’re talking about the desire for a real suite on a living room console.)

We would gladly take a port of the arcade game Mario Kart Arcade GP DX

A Mario Kart Ultimate, including all the tracks in the series, is arguably an impossible dream. A lot of work? Maybe, but knowing that 48 of the 145 existing tracks can be directly imported from Mario Kart 8 and that such a compilation would sell like hot cakes, it can’t be such a colossal job as developing a Red Dead Redemption 2 (which is 13th best seller of all time, 2 places under Mario Kart 8).

Hackers does what Nintendon’t: Because the fans have already done it! CTGP Revolution 1.03, a Mario Kart Wii hack, contains 216 tracks, separated into 54 grand prizes.

Donkey kong

Donkey Kong has also been in demand since 2014, the year of Mario Kart 8 on Wii U, but especially the original release of Tropical Freeze. The most mysterious part of all this is that its developer, Retro Studios has not given any sign of life since.

We know they’ll be taking over the reins of Metroid Prime 4 development after Bandai Namco failed, but what have they been working on in the meantime? Rumor has it that they canceled an RPG with vocals as the main mechanic (Wandersong style). 6 years is still a long downtime for experienced people like Retro Studios.

Maybe Nintendo is expanding its releases in these uncertain times and they already have a completed Retro Studios project on hand to be announced soon? Who knows?

Indies does what Nintendon’t: the new Donkey Kong Country of recent years is Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. The Playtonics studio is made up of former Rare employees, explaining why it feels right at home.

And you, which Nintendo franchise do you want to see reborn?

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