The Pathless Coming to Switch and Xbox This Winter

This winter, Annapurna Interactive’s iconic adventure game Giant Squid The Pathless is coming to Xbox and Switch gaming systems.

You play as a hunter in an open world adventure game currently available for players on PC, Playstation and Apple Arcade. The hunter’s goal is to find a way to remove the curse from the globe. The source of this curse is the ancient gods living on the island. Great Ones is the name given to these gods.

The Pathless is a mythical journey of an archer and an eagle through an endless forest from the creators of ABZU.

Falconry and Archery Become a Hunter, a skilled archer who travels to a mythical island to remove a darkness-based curse that has gripped the world. Connect with your eagle partner and bet in the air.

With an extraordinary archery system that allows you to effortlessly shoot while moving at high speed, you can perform smooth acrobatic stunts and land fantastic shots.

The Huntress discovers a spirit mask that reveals the mysteries of the world when she arrives on the island. Here she meets the Mother Eagle and frees her from her curse before the Godslayer strikes and claims to have killed the spirit.

The hunter is a skilled archer who must use his abilities to destroy the talismans scattered across the landscape in order to fill his dash, which will speed up your exploration of the planet. The Companion Eagle can carry the Hunter a certain distance.

Since there is no mini-map in the game, you need to use Spirit Vision which will guide you through different locations to navigate the environment. Spirit Vision will also be useful in other areas of the game.

You can improve the eagle’s skills by collecting crystals, exploring and solving many puzzles. The eagle can help solve these puzzles by interacting with various objects in the area.

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