The PlayStation 4 cryptomining warehouse was a FIFA robot farm

To summarize: Following the recent report from the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) that it had shut down a cryptomining operation consisting of 3,800 PlayStation 4 machines, it now appears that consoles were probably being used to farm something else: FIFA Ultimate cards. Team.

Ukrainian publication Delo was skeptical that anyone would use something as uneconomical as PS4 slims to mine crypto, even with the current pricing and availability issues facing graphics cards. But the biggest giveaway was that some of the footage released by Ukrainian security forces showed game discs coming out of the latest generation consoles.

The publication’s sources say the PS4 Slims were controlled by PCs running bots, cultivating FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) for profit. The coins, or even the loaded accounts themselves, could then be sold for real money.

FUT mode allows players to use FIFA Points (500 of them cost $ 5) to purchase card packs with random rewards. But the odds of getting some of the best players in the world are less than 1%. It is possible to play FIFA (for a very long time) and accumulate enough in-game currency to buy individual player cards from the market or packs from the store, and you can also buy FUT coins from the black market , although EA says the latter may result in a ban.

The mode continues to be a lucrative feature for EA; FIFA Ultimate Team hit a record six million daily users last December and was responsible for over a quarter ($ 1.49 billion) of EA’s net revenue in the prior year .

Since over 500 GPUs and 50 processors were also discovered in the warehouse in Vinnytsia, it is possible that some cryptomining took place, but that was not the primary focus of the farm.

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