The PlayStation 4, the goose that lays the golden eggs of Epic Games on Fortnite

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New documents have just revealed the revenues collected by Epic Games on all platforms thanks to Fortnite. In this game, it seems that it is the PlayStation players who earn the most, far ahead of those on mobile.

In his trial against Apple, Epic games publishes several court documents in order to be heard against the American ogre. While this trial is coming soon, on May 3, we have just discovered unpublished documents who show how much does Fortnite bring to Epic Games and especially which platform pays the most.

Several weeks ago, we learned that iOS gamers grossed over $ 700 million, it would seem that they are far from being the ones that yield the most. Indeed, as reported by The Verge, these are players on PlayStation 4 who are the real goose that lays golden eggs‘Epic Games. These would not represent less than 46.8% of total revenue of the publisher between March 2018 and July 2020 ahead of those of Xbox one with 27.5% over the same period. To compare, iOS gamers only account for 7% of revenue and are still behind those on Pc and Nintendo Switch.

These documents testify, in addition to the fact thatEpic games wins a lot of money thanks to his battle royale, low impact of mobile gamers in its revenue compared to other platforms. Still according to the site, iOS gamers only made up 10% of total gamers on Fortnite before its disappearance. We are now impatiently awaiting this trial which promises to be fascinating to follow and which should finally conclude this conflict between Epic and Apple which has been going on for many months now.


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