The PlayStation 5 is getting AMD’s new 6nm processor, the Oberon Plus. – Bisonyus

PS5 received new, lighter models in August 2022: CFI-1202A (player version) and CFI-1202B (digital edition version). In the meantime, we’ve already been treated to a comparison of the various PlayStation 5s Sony has already released, with demos of the disassembled consoles. Austin Evans revealed that the size of the heatsink has been reduced, making the PS5 lighter.

Although it was originally assumed that the changes in the new version of PS5 will only affect the cooling system, it turned out that the power consumption is lower and the performance is similar. To make this possible, the PlayStation 5 processor has been modified. Find out what’s changed below.

The PlayStation 5 is getting AMD’s new 6nm processor, the Oberon Plus.

According to angstronomics, the CFI-12XX PS5 has been updated. Not only has the heatsink size been reduced, but so has AMD’s new 6nm lithographic processor, dubbed Oberon Plus. Chipmaker TSMC said the new 6nm SoC (System On Chip) is compatible with the processor design used previously.

In the new PlayStation 5 processor, we saw an 18.8% increase in logic transistor density in addition to lower power consumption compared to the SoC previously used in the console. Thus, it was possible to reduce the size of the radiator, since the heat dissipation was lower with the new lithography.

New Oberon Plus processor (6nm) compared to the old Oberon processor (7nm). angstronomics

Oberon Plus is fully compatible with the hardware and software used in previous PS5 models, so no other changes to the console configuration have to be made. It is estimated that this will save Sony about 12% on the production of the PlayStation 5. In this way, the company seeks to recoup development costs.

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