The PlayStation Stars loyalty program will launch in Europe on October 13th.

PARIS, September 29 (Benin News / EP) –

Sony’s new PlayStation StarsSony loyalty program for game console users will arrive in Europe on October 13, after it debuted in the Asian market on Thursday.

In July, Sony introduced PlayStation Stars, an initiative that allows gamers to earn rewards by completing various campaigns and activities for which they earn loyalty points, which they can then redeem in a catalog that will include PlayStation Network (PSN) wallet funds and certain PlayStation Stores. products.

A regional launch kicked off this Thursday in Asia, including Japan, leading up to the Americas (October 5th) and finally Australia and the US (October 5th). The European market, where it will arrive on October 13, as stated in his blog.

One of the branded elements of this loyalty program is what is known as “Digital Collectibles”, digital representations of iconic items from the console universe such as iconic characters and devices that are part of the company’s history.

Sony has already clarified that they are not non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and that they do not use blockchain technology so they cannot be traded or traded.

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