The Plectrum: A Comic-Book Medical Thriller

This article is taken from the monthly journal Sciences et Avenir – La Recherche #913 of March 2023.

After the 2010 book (“Mediator 150 mg: how many deaths?”), press articles, then the film “Daughter of Brest” in 2016, we thought we knew everything about the scandal with this antidiabetic drug from Servier laboratories, which caused a serious heart damage. But the comic book, presented in a lively, tense drawing, sheds a new and sharp light, in particular on the methods of the pharmaceutical empire of Jacques Servier. Victims also take on a more prominent place, and Dr. Irene Frachon’s investigation takes on the appearance of an excellent thriller. Unfortunately, all of this is true.

“Intermediary, chemically pure crime”, Irene Frachon, Giacometti, François Duprat, Delcour, 200 pp., 23.95 euros.

Credits: Delcourt

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