The Poken Company, French NFT platform for the adult content industry

The Poken Company launches Pokmi, a platform for the porn industry based on blockchain and NFT.

The Poken Company is a very promising technology solution for the adult content industry. Today, it announces the launch of Pokmi, a responsible, fair and robust platform aimed at ensuring the creation and access to content through blockchain and NFT.

The Poken Company launches Pokmi, a platform for the porn industry

The Poken Company, a company created in May 2021 by Nils Lataillade & Marco Garniga, already has more than 60,000 members, has achieved an ICO of $ 10.7 billion and formalized the launch of its own cryptocurrency, the Poken ($ PKN ). The company aims to move the world of adult entertainment in a totally responsible and safe way. For this, the decentralized platform Pokmi, which is based on Poken, allows you to acquire NFT.

based on blockchain and NFT

In France, the adult content industry accounts for more than 200 million euros a year and by relying heavily on research and development, The Poken Company risks putting this blockchain technology at the center of this industry. Thanks to Pokmi, creators will be able to express themselves freely and publish their content at flat rates, taking advantage of the security of the blockchain. Users, on the other hand, can buy Poken to buy content, here called NFP (for Poken non-fungible). Like most NFTs today, its value can vary based on rarity, number of views, and creator notoriety. An interesting corollary, through the blockchain and KWC identity verification process, The Poken Company offers an answer to the problem of minors’ access to adult content.

And beyond this simple material platform, The Poken Company wants to engage with content creators to offer a more honest, ethical and transparent work environment. More than 60 actors and actresses have already joined the project, including Clara Morgane, Nephael and Manuel Ferrara. A virtuous ecosystem, therefore, that will aim to improve through user feedback. Please note that there is also a very strict moderation policy in place to avoid illegal, violent, non-consensual and inappropriate content.

To go even further, The Poken Company is working to launch a Foundation that will aim to promote the legalization of sex work and provide a dignified environment for its workers. Phaque transaction carried out in Pokmi, 1% goes to this Foundation.

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