The police district of Marlow has experienced “residential area” drug trafficking, with 800 cannabis plants seized annually.

The zone notes that the deal works more with an organized social media delivery system. With the exception of a few points known to the services, street trading is less common. “This is reflected in our police work, where people are often stopped with large amounts of money and drugs.”

As far as organized crime is concerned, the area is mainly monitored by the Albanian mafia, which specialized in “renting houses to turn them into a cannabis plant without the knowledge of the owner.” The head of the corps adds that on average, four plantations of this type are cut down annually in the region for about 800 cannabis bushes. “In recent years, several dozen buildings have been demolished in our area. In addition to the presence of criminal organizations in residential areas, this poses significant risks to the security of neighborhoods (power outages and house fires).”

If she’s happy that the area is free of a number of problems, Aurélie Czekalski is demanding more police resources. “To stop impunity in the trade of hard drugs, the fight against the drug mafia must be carried out at all levels.”

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