The popularity of VR, E3 is fast approaching, we talk about it in JV le Journal at 12:30

News inside The popularity of VR, E3 is fast approaching, we talk about it in JV le Journal at 12:30

Virtual reality, or virtual reality in English (very often abbreviated as VR), is a technology allowing you to simulate your presence directly in a virtual environment whose main equipment is a headset encompassing the eyes. Immersion is pushed to its maximum with the help of headphones and other control levers. Its application is not limited to video games and can be used in medicine, architecture, and much more.

VR, still the future?

Despite what one might think, VR is not new. As early as the 1950s, prototypes of devices were designed to provide viewers with visual and auditory experiences calling on, of course, sight and hearing, but also smell and touch. In 1966, flight simulators appeared in the Air Force. The PlayStation VR headset first saw the light of day in 2016, and it started a craze that has spread to other manufacturers. Thus, there are several brands of VR headsets such as the HTC Vive, the Oculus Quest / Rift, or the Valve Index. The potential of this technology is not yet at its maximum, and some players notice unpleasant sensations similar to motion sickness during gaming sessions. As a gamer, are you already a VR fan? The price may seem prohibitive given that headsets cost the price of a gaming console or even a lot more, could a drop convince the few holdouts to get started, or is it just technology that doesn’t interest you? not ?

E3 is in a month!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, abbreviated as E3, is one of the largest international video game exhibitions. It has been held almost every year since 1995, between the months of May and July. Exclusive to journalists or open to all depending on the year, it is possible to go there to attend the editors’ conferences, but also to try the multitude of games and other free access demos in a large space provided at this effect. The 2020 edition was unfortunately canceled due to the risks associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. E3 will be held well this year 2021, in a fully digital format, from June 12 to 15. You can find the (non-final) list of participants here. This can change at any time, such as Konami, which announced its presence, before canceling it. Are you expecting a particular publisher or developer who has not yet announced their presence, or announcements regarding a particular license?

Are horror games dead?

Capcom’s latest survival horror, Resident Evil Village, was just released last Friday, May 7th. Communication has been important around its title, mainly because the Resident Evil license is a flagship license for video games. It seems that apart from this title, triple A horror games are particularly rare in these times. It is possible to find several nuggets by turning to indie games. We can for example quote Phasmaphobia, approaching an imaginative and rather new approach of the genre. Is there a general developer disinterest in horror? Licenses like Silent Hill, Dead Space, or even FEAR are no longer used, to the great misfortune of early fans. Is there a video game released recently that has managed to make your blood run cold?

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