The Prince of Persia is back with this platform game as enticing as Hades!

Game news The Prince of Persia is back with this platform game as enticing as Hades!

Published on 23.01.2023 at 18:27

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When he discovered Choplifter, the 1982 arcade game, young Jordan Mechner had the revelation of a lifetime. Passionate about cinema, comics, and animation, the New Yorker realized that for the first time, video games could free themselves from symbolic races to score points and finish the game. He then set about thinking that would lead to one of the video game industry’s most iconic works: Prince of Persia. Since then, many titles have tried to walk through the beds of the savior princess, but few have left an indelible mark. With Nocturnal we can have an ambitious interpretation of the 1989 hit!

Developed by Sunnyside Games, Nocturnal is about the troubled return of Ardeshir, the eternal fire soldier. After months at sea, the latter discovers that his home island is shrouded in thick fog. To dive into this pea puree, the brave swordsman will have to use his fiery powers and fight the creatures lurking in this dark mist. To free the island of Nahran from the fog, Ardeshir must unravel all the mysteries and try to save his brothers in arms.

A platform game as great as Hades?

Beneath these allusions to the upgraded Prince of Persia, Nocturnal hides the desire of the team, who are striving for dynamism and speed of execution in the hero’s movements. Gabriel Sonderegger, co-founder of Sunnyside Games:

With Nocturnal, we wanted to combine the immediacy and timelessness of classic platform adventures with more modern dynamics. Fire and mist offer players a delicate balance between feeling weak and oppressed, with fleeting moments of triumph as they engulf their weapons in flames. We think this will add some uniqueness to the classic genre and we look forward to having everyone play Nocturnal when it releases later this year.

At the moment, scheduled for the second quarter of 2023, that is, between spring and summer, Nocturnal is showing serious advantages to convince fans of Prince of Persia style trials and challenges. With superb art direction and scenery as opulent as it is mysterious, Sunnygames’ work is sure to be one of the centerpieces of the independent scene this year. Some have no hesitation in pointing out that developers are beginning to break free from the pixel art style that has plagued the indie scene in recent years to refocus on 2D graphics, taking advantage of modern technology. Finally, know that Nocturnal is not a metroidvania, but it will include some of the elements of this genre, which is so appreciated by the gaming community.

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