The profiler installed a psychological portrait-robot of the killer Shevalin

PublishedJuly 27, 2022, 11:21

Upper Savoie (F)Murder of Shevalin: there is a psychological profile of the killer

The Annecy prosecutor’s office is dropping the case in favor of a center specializing in “cold cases”. It will be based on a composite portrait of the criminal, compiled by a British profiler.

On September 6, 2012, an undertaker’s car arrived in Côte d’Ire to collect the bodies of the four victims.


The mysterious murder of Shevalin officially becomes a “cold case”. On July 18, Annecy prosecutors decided to drop the cold case that had kept the region in limbo since September 2012. The killer then shot and killed four people in a forested car park on the heights of Lake Annecy: an Iraqi-born British engineer, his wife, mother-in-law and a cyclist settled in the region. Only the couple’s two little girls survived.

The Annecy prosecutor explained to the newspaper Parisien, which published the decision, that the investigation had not reached a dead end, and that the “cold cases” unit, which specializes in serial and cold crimes, would have more resources and time to identify the culprit. .

Maybe unemployed, single 30 year old

In particular, it may be based on a report by a British profiler who, in July 2020, established a psychological robot portrait of the killer after reading all the reports, talking to investigators, and analyzing the criminological literature on multiple homicides. .

The expert came to the conclusion, like the French detectives, that the trace of a local and single act must be privileged. She believes that the killer is probably a man between the ages of 30 and 40, acting from an internal motivation that is completely independent of the victims. She postulates that he is probably unemployed or has an unskilled job, that he lives alone or in a reclusive family setting, and that he is probably a former soldier or gun addict.

Murder planned upstream

The profiler believes that he planned and orchestrated the assassination in advance, deliberately choosing the Combe d’Ire parking lot, a place he probably knew well, where he planned to eliminate several people. To her, the person would exhibit anti-social traits and could have undergone psychiatric treatment at a young age, or be the victim of abuse, abuse or an electric shock to the head, French media reported.

List of juveniles posted cleared

The researchers found this work interesting: they requested a list of people hospitalized in Savoy and Haute-Savoie between 2012 and 2015, as well as a list of minors and young people placed in child protection services, to determine a profile that fits this composite portrait.

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