The rating of robotic vacuum cleaners evolves at “Les Numériques”

Many robotic vacuum cleaners now come with multi-function stations. In addition to loading, they can take care of emptying the robot’s collector and/or cleaning its mop, and we will take this into account in our rating going forward.

A revolution in our robot vacuum cleaner comparison. The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra and S7 Pro Ultra recently climbed to the top of our rankings, with Ecovacs’ Deebot X1 Omni taking third place. Conversely, others have plummeted in the rankings, such as Dreame D9 or Neato D7, D6 and D4. The reason is quite simple: we decided to enrich our ease-of-use rating grid in order to follow the changes in the market, and especially in charging stations.

Additional points for multifunctional stations

Charging stations, which are becoming more and more complex, can now perform other functions, starting with automatic emptying. Democratized in 2019, notably with the iRobot and the Roomba i7+ sound station, it frees the user from emptying the robot’s manifold, often necessary after one or two cleaning cycles. If, on the other hand, the station collector needs to be emptied, it can usually contain several weeks of dust and waste.

Some stations can now also take care of cleaning the mop or nozzles of robotic vacuum cleaners, offering a wash function and even filling the water tank along the way.

Helping to make robot vacuums even more autonomous, these options deserve to be appreciated for the comfort they provide on a daily basis. So one now weighs in on our usability note. In addition, preference is given to bagless systems. If the bags can avoid direct contact with dust when emptying, they must be replaced and therefore purchased regularly.

In the second stage, our rating will also take into account the efficiency of the automatic emptying and cleaning of the mop. To do this, we are working on new tests, the results of which will be included in the maintenance of robotic vacuum cleaners. Other criteria may also change this estimate, such as the capacity of the station’s bin.

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