The revolution of micro-transactions on The Graph (GRT)? Discover Scalar, the crypto project that changes everything journal du coin

The Graph Foundation, a unveiled Scalar, a technology, allowing microtransactions, scalable and based on the Connext Vector protocol. This technology will make it possible to develop new business models for innovative infrastructures and applications.

Microtransactions in the spotlight

Scalar is a technology of micro-transactions scalable protocol-based Connext Vector. She uses channels to bundle and compress transactions before they are finalized on the chain. The Graph Network uses Scalar to process all query transactions between indexers and consumers who pay for an application’s queries. Scalar emphasizes performance at each level, from the data flow architecture to the processor optimizations and memory.

Scalar is now ready for theWeb3 ecosystem and will be open source for improvement Web3 and Ethereum communities. This will allow any application to use Scalar for process transactions efficiently.

Scalar is written in language Rust for reasons of performance : “We rely on Connext Vector, an ultra-minimal state channel framework”. Connext worked closely with The Graph Foundation and Edge & Node throughout the development of Scalar. Therefore, Vector was explicitly created taking into account the use case of The Graph. Here is a diagram of the transaction lifecycle from an indexer’s perspective showing each layer:

A reworked architecture

The community found that no existing infrastructure for microtransactions was not sufficient to support the volume of transactions required for the network. Scalar will eventually make the use of The Graph more efficient and more reliable. Indeed, the transaction fees will be faster and cheaper for DApp developers.

“We are excited to unveil Scalar for The Graph Network and help build Layer 2 scalability for the entire Web3 community. For the Web3 infrastructure to function efficiently, the request fees paid in GRT must be as smooth as possible. Scalar fixes this problem for The Graph and will also help the decentralized community of builders collaborate on microtransaction solutions. “

Eva Beylin, Director of The Graph Foundation

DApps that use The Graph include the DeFi giants Uniswap, AAVE, Synthetix, 1-inch, Balancer, and Curve. Through his project, Scalar complements the work of the first Internet architects by integrating micro-transactions directly into the fabric of the Internet.. To better discover the impressive The Graph project, do not hesitate to browse our series devoted to this “Google of the Blockchain”.

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