The rumor about the arrest of Kodak Black in Florida caused a panic in the network | Hip Hop Corner: French Rap, US News and Culture

A fuzzy photo of the arrest taken by the Florida Highway Patrol suggests it is rapper Kodak Black. Immediately, a wave of messages of support swept through social networks demanding his release.

Is it really Kodak Black and what do we blame it for?

The joy of the NBA YoungBoy’s acquittal didn’t end in the hip-hop game until other disturbing news broke. Indeed, it seems that the rapper is in the turmoil of a court case.

On the evening of July 15, information began to pour in that rapper Kodak Black had been arrested in Florida. Internet blogs and Dj Akademiks have done their job. Evidence of this rumor is a blurry photo. It shows the Florida Highway Patrol arresting a man who looks like Kodak sitting on the side of the road. It is signed “Free Yak @kodakblack”.

A user’s Twitter post confirms this fact. He claims to have witnessed the reported fact: “Kodak Black is on Cypress Creek and power lines, he was stopped by the police. You have to stop and say, “LET IT GO.” The news spread across the web like wildfire without any official confirmation.

Faced with this development with the 25-year-old rapper, concern over his presence on Rolling Loud Miami is causing some netizens to worry.

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