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This story follows the adventures of Morpheus, the King of Dreams, an Infinite with immense powers responsible for decorating the sleep of mortals with a good dose of dreams and nightmares. But when Morpheus is captured and imprisoned for over a century, his absence creates a series of problems for the Dream World and the Phenomenon World that the Sandman will have to deal with.

Why should you watch Sandman on Netflix?

1. Because it’s a faithful adaptation

The first season of The Sandman continues the story of the first two books of the graphic novel series of the same name, written by Neil Gaiman since 1989, namely Préludes et Nocturnes and La Maison de Poupee. But if you’re not familiar with this literary saga, don’t be discouraged because the Netflix series is over. and also for the fans from the first hour only for beginners.

If you don’t need to be an expert on Morpheus or know the Corinthian’s list of wrongdoings at your fingertips to appreciate The Sandman, still know that the series is a very faithful adaptation of the origin story, full of nods to hardcore fans. graphic novels. And no wonder the series was designed by Gaiman himselfin collaboration with David S. Goyer as well as Allan Heinberg who are both lifelong fans of the universe created by Gaiman.

2. For your fantasy universe

To dive into the world of the Sandman is to dive into a world that mix genres. With its creepy side, the Dream World is a place as magical as it is frightening, where nothing is impossible. On the other hand, the Waking World is more dangerous, because it is there that many threats to the Lord of Dreams lurk. Oh, and there is Hell, as scary and fiery as you imagine.

In a word, as you already understood, the world of Sandman is a rich universe inhabited by fantastic creatures that will delight fans dark fantasy than those who are drawn to horror or even mythological and historical references. From Lucifer in Shakespeare Passing Joanna Constantineget ready to meet beautiful people in Sandman.

In The Sandman, Tom Sturridge brilliantly embodies the Lord of Dreams.

3. For an amazing cast

sandman poses large gallery of characters and for the production it was necessary to select more competent actors. We find all the modern gratins of the profession across the English Channel: Charles Dance, Gwendolyn Christie, David Thewlis, Stephen Fryor Jenna Coleman these are just a few of the names we find in the cast of the series. All of which deliver superior performance and allow the Sandman to truly shine.

The producers of the series auditioned almost 200 actors before they found their Morpheus in the face Tom Sturridge. The latter, with his deep voice and his subtle moving game, skillfully slips into the shoes of the King of Dreams and manages not only to charm the viewer, but also to prove to him that Reve is not one of those who need to look for lice.

4. For atypical narration

Because The Sandman is based on the stories told in Gaiman’s first two graphic novels, the show’s first season could be cut in half. While most shows build their narrative around a major narrative arc that resolves at the end of the season, The Sandman multiplies them and processes them one at a time, mixing them up.

It may come as a surprise and give the impression in the middle of the season that the show is changing its tune, moving on to a story that is out of touch with the rest, but make no mistake: everything is interconnected in this epic adventure.

This is where Sandman comes into its own. The series is really developing a whole universe in this first season, launching a lot of tracks and introducing a lot of characters.

Not everything is decided at the end of ten episodes, and there is no doubt that if the series achieves the expected success on Netflix, its future seasons will repeat the events presented in this first series of episodes.

5. For his sublime artistic direction

The sandman once was Feature Film produced Warner Studiosbut a series of artistic difficulties put the project on hold for many years.

On the one hand, Gaiman wanted to make sure that if his work was to be adapted, it would be done in a good and proper way, with the right visuals and budget. De l’Otre Goya was originally attached to the film The Sandman, which never saw the light of day. The two, who had been friends for several years, eventually teamed up to work on the idea of ​​a television series, The Sandman, before enlisting additional help from Heinberg as showrunner.

Add to all this the funds of Warner Bros and Netflix, and here we are with ten episodes a visually stunning Sandman, with magical settings, utterly convincing special effects, and elaborate production. From costumes to make-up to the smallest details in the background – The Sandman an undeniable pleasure for the eyes.

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