The scammers want our personal information!

I don’t know about you, but I regularly receive emails and text messages that clearly come from scammers. I’m always amazed by their creativity, and what’s more, they seem to be up to date with the latest news. For example, when the Lego government announced in its latest budget that a $500 tax credit would be given to taxpayers to counter the effects of inflation, a few days later I received a text message from “Revenu Québec” inviting me to click on the link to claim the jackpot…

Text messages indicating that the electronic sending of money meant for me requires my approval, or that I have an outstanding bill with a service provider such as Hydro, Videotron, or Bell, come to me very often. Not to mention emails from financial services from a company I’ve never heard of threatening me with legal action because I owe them several thousand dollars!

Theft of personal information


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