The sci-fi roguelike Shoulders of Giants is coming to Xbox and PC this fall.

First announced on PC via the Epic Games Store, action-adventure Shoulders of Giants will also be available this fall on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The good news comes directly to us from developer Moving Pieces Interactive, who has released a new trailer for the occasion.

Frog and robot, an explosive duo to save the galaxy

Be careful not to be fooled by their frail appearance. One is small, the other is a mechanical assembly, and yet they both represent the Milky Way’s best hope against the forces of Entropy.

Who are they ? This is a great army, led by the infamous Owl, wreaking havoc across the stars, decomposing living planets and leading to the heat death of the universe.

Faced with this gruesome fate, a team of space survivors struggle to restore balance. A mysterious mech and an amphibious sniper will have to cut through waves of enemies and bring light and life back to the galaxy!

A simple and effective presentation worthy of the best science fiction films. It’s also how the game defines itself, taking the codes of the good old roguelike.

Designed to play in multiple forms, Giant’s Shoulders will offer you the chance to experience a galactic adventure on your own, with one of your friends, or by joining a team of four.

There will also be several modes focused on cooperation in the game:

  • Best friend mode: it’s dangerous to go alone! Play alone or team up with a friend, each controlling a frog or a robot.
  • Army of Four: Fight the forces of entropy in four-player online co-op. Will your team spirit be strong enough to survive? Grow as you go. Discover the joy of the roguelike as you explore, evolve, and become incredibly super-powered through endless randomized levels.
  • Galaxy Far Away: Shoot and slash your way through explosive planets, bringing life and light to shattered worlds as you fight.

Your battle will be long and difficult, but know that you will be able to modify every weapon and every item you find during your journey. This way you can mix and match abilities to create a set of techniques that are unique to you.

As previously announced, Shoulders of Giants will be available this fall on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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