The secret of Elon Musk, between “secret projects” and internal accusations

“Mystery in the Giga Austin”. It may sound like an Agatha Christie novel, but it’s actually the title of a chapter that’s being written in Tesla history books these days. Because there are plenty of typical noir novel techniques that made the British writer famous.

It’s all about the hard-to-find “special glass” ordered by one of Elon Musk’s confidants, the head of construction and production at a plant in Texas. Official reason? An unnamed “secret project”. But someone reported this to the company’s legal department, which is now trying to shed light on this strange case.

In the eye of detectives

According to the Bloomberg news agency, there are doubts that the supply was really intended for the personal use of one of the participants, possibly the CEO himself. Indeed, the suspect has a reputation for helping Musk solve his problems. If you’ve seen Pulp Fiction, we can picture him here as a sort of Mr. Wolfe.

Elon Musk during the opening of the Tesla Giga Austin

Therefore, the legal department launched an internal investigation regarding both the special glass and the secret project. Indeed, it seems that some of the perpetrators – for whom it is not yet clear why – have already been identified and fired. And now the “shadow man” Mask is also in danger.

Detective novel a la Mask

The risk for the man is that he will be gradually removed from Tesla, up to receiving a red card and being forced to leave the field, in this case Gigi Austin. But what is special glass for? What could be a secret project? And what role will Elon Musk play in all this? There are no comments yet from either the company or factotum as the mystery deepens.

Indeed, at present it is impossible to reconstruct history in depth, in particular because there are no clear and intelligible accusations. Even Bloomberg can’t give a version of the facts, although he spoke to “several people familiar with the matter.” A real detective with Elon Musk sauce. To the next episode!

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