The shadow of Jony Ive hangs over the new iMac M1

We thought he had gone on new adventures since 2019. Jonathan Ive, the legendary Apple designer, who put cars away, would in fact still be there. And he participated in the Apple teams in the development of the iMac M1. Apple confirmed that its former chief designer worked on the project. But since the design of the computers is very long, it is possible that his contributions to the project date back some time. The chassis of the new iMac has therefore received at least the eye of Sir Jony. Because yes, he was ennobled in 2012 and promoted Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Elizabeth II.

At the time of Jony Ive’s departure, an Apple press release mentioned Tim Cook’s words: “Apple will continue to benefit from ‘Jony’ talents by working directly with him on exclusive projects and thanks to the continuous work of the team at brilliant and passionate designers that he has assembled. After so many years of close collaboration, I am happy that our relationship continues to evolve and I look forward to working with ‘Jony’ for a long time to come. ”

Jony Ive has become a character known to the general public, or at least to those who follow the brand, with the iMac G3. He left Apple in 2019 to found LoveFrom, after 27 years of service, his own design office.

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