The Sinking City available with improvements on Xbox Series X and S, but it will have to be redeemed

The Smart Delivery is now the norm at Xbox, so much so that Xbox One games that benefit from an Xbox Series X edition | S are extremely rare not to see their version next-gen offered. It is however the case, of The Sinking City, launched without preamble on new generation consoles this week.

The Sinking City is available on Xbox Series X and S since April 28, 2021, with the same improvements offered on PS5. In the program, improved graphics and visual effects, native 4K, 60 fps, and optimized load times. But to enjoy it, you have to go to checkout, even if you already have the Xbox One game: it still costs € 49.99 in standard edition and € 64.99 in Deluxe Edition with some bonuses.

The absence of Smart Delivery is logically due to the conflict between Frogware, developer of the game who just released this version next-gen, and Nacon, editor of the game at the base. For a reminder of the facts, you can read the latest twists in our dedicated article. And until it’s resolved, smart streaming shouldn’t be allowed … If you want the game on Xbox One, you can still find it for $ 27.99 on

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