The start-up Gatik and the manufacturer Isuzu want to deploy autonomous trucks this year

Gatik AI, a start-up that focuses on the development of autonomous vehicles for the logistics sector, has entered into an agreement with the North American division of the Japanese manufacturer Isuzu. This partnership, announced on Tuesday April 6, 2021, aims to develop autonomous trucks and assess their contributions.

Autonomous Isuzu N Series trucks

Gatik and Isuzu wish to accelerate the marketing of fleets of autonomous trucks intended for delivery. The first Isuzu N Series models, intended for transporting medium loads, will be fitted with the SAE level 4 autonomous driving platform developed by Gatik. They must be deployed during the year according to the partners, even if they do not say much more about the provisional schedule or the number of trucks concerned.

“By bringing these two teams together, we can create technology that changes segments while positioning Gatik to securely market autonomous delivery technology at scale.”, said Gautam Narang, co-founder and CEO of Gatik, in a statement. The nugget, which raised $ 25 million late last year, focuses on the B2B market and logistics operations between intermediate warehouses and surrounding stores. It offers to carry out these transports with trucks of different sizes as needed.

The autonomous truck sector interests

Gatik claims to have made more than 30,000 deliveries in the United States and Canada on behalf of various Fortune 500 companies, including Walmart. Beyond the beneficial effects for the supply chain (promise of shipments every two hours), Gatik also relies on the increase in e-commerce volume and the lack of manpower in the transport sector to attract a large number of people. growing business.

For Isuzu, this partnership is a way to put a foot on the side of autonomous driving. Manufacturers in the sector are eyeing this emerging technology that could shake up the market. The announcements follow one another and some of its competitors have already forged similar partnerships, starting with Daimler Trucks with Waymo or Volvo with Aurora.

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