The state is selling PS5 at auction, the first smartphones compatible with Wi-Fi 7 will appear in 2024.

Can’t get your hands on a PS5? Buy it at the auction, this state will organize, the first Wi-Fi 7 compatible smartphones will arrive in 2024, Microsoft has finally released the next version of Windows 11 called “22H2”, it’s time to take stock!

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State sells PlayStation 5 seized by Justice at auction

Two years after the release, the PlayStation 5 is still out of stock. So much so that it sells for sky-high prices, and even used it can cost a lot more than the 550 euros originally requested by Sony. Next month, the Agency for the Management and Recovery of Seized and Forfeited Assets will auction two PS5s confiscated by Justice. If you’re lucky, feel free to try your luck. on their website.

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Wi-Fi 7 coming in 2024: it popularizes 4K and 8K

According to very informed sources, many smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung, will be offering Wi-Fi 7 compatible devices from the first quarter of 2024. This standard delivers speeds more than twice as fast as the current Wi-Fi 6 standard, which should democratize 8K video and VR experiences. This also requires that manufacturers of components and iron have time, that’s another story.

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Windows 11 22H2: The update is finally available for everyone, here’s how to download it

That’s it, Windows 11 2022 is finally available. This is the first major update to the successor to Windows 10. Security and performance are improved in this release. Android apps are finally moving to Windows. Microsoft has also thought about gamers, with the XBox Cloud library now available on the Microsoft Edge homepage.

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