The Stranger will premiere on Netflix next month

Netflix has released a new trailer for its new movie, The Stranger, which premiered at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival and will have its global premiere on the Netflix streaming service next month in October 2022. conversation is a long way. Offering viewers “a psychological crime film that transports viewers to a hidden place,” says writer/director Thomas M. Wright.

“One suspect in an unsolved missing person case; another, an undercover agent, is on his trail. Their rocky friendship is at the heart of this actionpacked thriller based on the true story of one of Australia’s largest investigations and undercover operations.”

Stranger Netflix

“I focused the film on people who didn’t know the victim but dedicated years of their lives to her—and their mental and physical health; because although violence is the reason for this film, it is not its theme. Its theme is connections between people. That means, for me, this film is defined by empathy. The “stranger” in the title may refer to the person responsible for the crime, the victim, those affected by their loss, or the film’s protagonist whose name we will never know; or it could mean the nameless people who, in the end, allow the film.”

“For an independent Australian film that premiered as part of an official selection at Cannes and was then presented to the largest audience anywhere as a Netflix film, this is unprecedented. We are very proud of this film and that we are partnering with Netflix to bring it to an international audience.”

Source: Netflix

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