The Success Hunter section presents you: Pyro’s Heaven

Your hunter section never leaves you during the summer and it is with the help of the publisher Eastasiasoft Limited and their game Arsonist Heaven that we will raise 1000 G. Once again you will have to use your talents to eradicate the aliens from invading Earth. So grab your flamethrower and follow the instructions!

All fire, all fire!

Easy achievement games often rhyme with a character who wants to save our planet. The plot will not change and you will have to face hordes of mutant enemies that you will burn and send to hell. To do this, you’ll start with a flamethrower with limited ammo and kill a certain number of aliens before moving on to the next level. Of the twenty courses available, the first twelve will be required to achieve 100%. But contrary to our habits, the complexity will live up to our expectations. If you do not have a minimum of practice in games of this genre, you risk cringing.

Indeed, your life bar will not change as you progress. The same observation of the power or variety of weapons, which is very limited. To change ammo or a flamethrower, you need to find your level if the weapon is available. In less than three moves, you will succumb to the onslaught of your competitors. To ease this increased difficulty a bit, you have a jetpack available that automatically recharges after waiting a few seconds. The gameplay is especially good for a small game like Arsonist Heaven. Among the variety of enemies, bosses, you will quickly understand all the qualities that are presented in the game.

High quality pixel art

If maneuverability is impeccable, then it is also worth using high-quality graphics. Indeed, you will be captivated by the softness of its pixel art and the incredible fluidity that accompanies your character. On Xbox Series X|S, at perfect frame rates, Arsonist Heaven is a delicious mix of modernity and retro style. The soundtrack also fits perfectly into the universe and will bring back a lot of memories for the most nostalgic gamers.

Ultimately, Arsonist Heaven really excels, offering 12 completions from time to time, detailed on its playlist. Count down to at least 90 minutes to defeat the most formidable enemies. A little tip for the level 5 and 10 boss, you just need to juggle between your enemy’s ankles to quickly lower his life bar. The rest shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Finally, know that our Discord community will be happy to help anyone who kindly asks for it. Have a nice weekend and good game!

We thank publisher Eastasiasoft Limited for providing us with the dematerialized version of Arsonist Heaven.


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