The Summoner finally makes her presence felt in the Western version of Lost Ark.

During the western launch of Lost Ark, Summoner was removed at the last moment from the list of playable MMORPG classes. Obviously, it will finally come into play on December 14th.

Earlier this year, Amazon Games launched Lost Ark in the West, and then the MMORPG offered 15 playable classes. At the last moment, Amazon Games removed the Summoner from its list, replacing it with the Witch. The Western operator did not state the reason for this change, although the Summoner was among the most popular specializations in beta testing (some mentioned faulty class summons, others mentioned that the Sorceress was a newer and better polished class in the South Korean version of the MMORPG). ). However, Amazon Games has promised to reintegrate Summoner “later” into the Western version of Lost Ark, and apparently the time has come.

On social media, Amazon Games is teasing the return of the Summoner and suggesting this mage specialization will be rolled out to western servers on the occasion of the December 14th update. At this stage, the operator says no more, but we’re betting that witchcraft enthusiasts will find their account.

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