The taxman sees red against the operator SFR

Launched in 2016, Altice’s digital kiosk, SFR Presse, is today in the sights of the taxman. Bercy suspects that the bouquet, which allows its users to access an unlimited supply of securities (owned by Altice or not), of having served Patrick Drahi’s holding company to benefit from tax reductions by applying ultra- reduced on the press (which amounts to 2.1%) on the triple-play offers of its subscribers.

We suspect, the operation had not failed to cringe at the time, to force the operator to switch its model of digital kiosk following a change in tone of authorities in March 2018. However, this does not seem to have been enough to calm the ire of Bercy, as the magazine reported on Tuesday. Capital. According to our colleagues, the operator is currently being notified of tax adjustments following this misuse which would have made him earn no less than 420 million euros in the space of two and a half years.

Still, the economic title also reports that the disappointments of the red square mark with the tax authorities do not stop there. In 2019, he would have been notified of a tax adjustment of around 245 million euros, a slate which would even climb to 451 million euros, counting what the operator should in Bercy for previous years. .. Note that SFR today seems to have noted the setbacks of its digital kiosk and is, according to information from Figaro, in talks with competing group Cafeyn, ex LeKiosk, to sell the platform to it.



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