The Tideshell Keeper trailer takes us back to the point’n’clicks of the 90s –

Trailer The Tideshell Keeper takes us back to the point’n’clicks of the 90s

First game of the Danes from Tideshell Studio, The Tideshell Keeper promises to be a project to follow for fans of point’n’click.

Noon is a young woman who uses her submarine to go fishing. But one day, she finds herself trapped in a submerged city and gets lost at sea. To try to return home, Noon will have to learn a new language and use a mysterious object called the Tideshell which allows him to manipulate the water around she. What if it was the key to preventing the tidal wave predicted by her grandmother?

Cross a millennial storm, a dry lake in which fish swim at night or a sunken city that drifts with the currents … the young Danish studio Tideshell promises great moments in the adventure of Noon. With a graphic style animated by hand and a humorous atmosphere, The Tideshell Keeper wants to be a tribute to the point’n’click of the golden age, that is to say of the 1990s. However, it will be necessary be very patient before putting your hands on it since the game should not be released for two years.

The Tideshell Keeper is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022 on PC and Mac.


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