The United States excludes responsible cryptocurrency holders from developing industry regulations. – Last news

The United States released the bulletin amid a review of cryptocurrency laws and policies. Indeed, officials who own cryptocurrencies cannot participate in the development of industry rules.

Cryptocurrency holders can influence policy.

U.S. Government Ethics Chief Says Officials Who Own Digital Assets Will Not Be Able to Guide President Joe Biden about policies related to cryptography.

The claim is based on any U.S. government official who owns any amount of cryptocurrencies or stablecoin as a personal investment. Indeed, they are forbidden to do anything related to this. He added that employees may be aware that something could have a predictable or immediate impact on the value of their assets.

Previously, EMB stated that stablecoins and cryptocurrencies do not meet the definition of “listed securities”. This remains the same whether or not they are securities for the purposes of the federal securities laws. He added that no minimum exemption applies.

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Recommend Strict Cryptocurrency Laws

This important event comes amid increased volatility in the global digital asset market. With the rapid growth of crypto-related activity, calls for stricter regulation are also on the rise. Meanwhile, the crypto market fell to $921 billion.

Nonethelessblockchain companies such as ripple made accusations that some officials are involved in certain crypto assets. This was the subject of a major lawsuit with the SEC over the nature of its token. XRP native.

Otherwise, Biden signed an executive order urging federal agencies to develop a cryptocurrency policy in March. It also increases the possibility of digital dollar for dollar. According to the report, the industry is trying to grow in Washington. However, political donations in these sectors have skyrocketed. On the other hand,EMB granted the only exemption from crypto ownership. Decision makers will be allowed to hold up to $50,000 in mutual funds.

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