The US Army will equip its soldiers with Microsoft augmented reality glasses to see through walls

Technology worth 22 billion euros. The US Army is developing augmented reality glasses to help its soldiers perform better on the battlefield. According to the Defense News website, a batch of 5,000 prototypes of these special glasses has been delivered to the military. They can be used for night and thermal vision, such as detecting enemies hidden in darkness, fog, or behind walls. They can also provide their users with GPS information, the position of allied forces, and other datasets. In addition, soldiers can scan a piece of terrain in 3D and display it on a map so that they can then perform simulation exercises there.

The video game is the source of this military technology. Indeed, the U.S. Army augmented reality visor is part of the Microsoft Hololens project, which allows, among other things, to play games using a virtual reality headset. The IT giant has been partnering with the army since 2018 and is working to adapt its technology to the needs of soldiers, adding new cameras and sensors and integrating the device with other existing army technology. “This system provides combat units with better situational awareness, information sharing and decision making in a variety of scenarios,” Brigadier General Larry Burris told the Army Times website.

However, US troops will still have to wait before they are actually equipped with these futuristic sights. A few years ago, the Pentagon planned to make the device available to soldiers in 2021, but software reliability issues, such as screen warping and or even moisture seeping inside goggles, delayed the release. project. The US Army has had to conduct additional tests throughout most of 2021. These included reducing the originally planned field of view to address distortion issues in a given image. After further testing, the release of the final device was pushed back to 2023.


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