The vaccine can be done at school

Students in western Montreal will finally be able to get vaccinated in schools as CIUSSS reversed its controversial plan.

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“We heard the difficulties [du terrain], we looked at vaccination rates. We adapt, we learn, ”explains Kathleen Moxness, director of the CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Ile-de-Montréal youth program.

Newspaper Saturday published an article on a vaccination plan for children aged 12 to 17 that surprised many students and stakeholders in the western metropolis.

From Monday, all teens must be able to get vaccinated at school or have access to school transport to the center. Instead, CIUSSS decided to rely on a “family” formula outside of school hours.

CIUSSS then reported that it was struggling with staff shortages.

A few days later, officials finally “laid out a penny” to offer everyone a school vaccination, sums up Moxness.

This will allow young people to get vaccinated at school or at a school located within walking distance of their own. The operation began on Tuesday and is scheduled to end on June 23, the director said.

“We welcome the work done,” replies Annie Bourassa of the Marguerite-Bourgeois School Service Center, who has made statements along these lines to get the CIUSSS back on track.

Race against time

“We are in the third day of vaccination and there are still schools that have not been contacted,” laments Kathleen Lego, president of the Montreal School Managers Association.

“Every day counts. We’re in a race against time, “so that all young people get a second dose before next school year, keeping the 8-week deadline between two doses,” she recalls.

Mme Lego also notes that there are many schoolchildren in Montreal as young as 6 years old.e Primary school 12 years old does not count, which means we are happy to send an email to parents inviting them to register on Clic Santé.

“What worries us is the areas where families are more vulnerable. […] Cases of parents who have two jobs or single parents, ”she explains.

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